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Dirigo Games 2016


Sci-fi horror.

Skeleton crew of a decommissioned orbital station find themselves host to an unexpected guest


- First-person cosmic horror

- Original synth-heavy soundtrack

- Rendered in Horror-vision low-rez

- Short feature with a space station to explore

- DRM-free and share friendly

- Take your protein pills, put your helmet on

Straight to the soundtrack at:  [ www.dirigogames.bandcamp.com ]


CAUTION: Stylized violence and some language



Windows: XP SP2+, Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0)+

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(112 total ratings)
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Space
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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every beat had me grinning and holding my mouse all that much tighter. absolutely loved the amount of darkness - felt like i was all alone with the screens, super claustrophobic


Nice design!The only thing that bothered me was the darkness..I think it should be little more bright! 


7 years old, think the image quality is fading over time :)


That was a fun experience; the crew members were askin for it tbh 


Just played this on stream, from an avid horror game player this game is dope and i'm excited to see more from yall. love the art



Out of curiosity, are there any intentions of releasing this onto Steam? Would be nice to have both it and Reactor on the same place (the latter we obviously have via Dread X)

Also, odd question, but any chance of getting a better look at the alien's design? Looks very Xenomorph-esque from the bits we see of it, but would be cool to see the full thing.


Hey there DirigoGames, I was wondering if your game was put up as some unauthorized party selling someone your game.


I really loved your game and I saw it up there and something looks, off ?

Thought i'd let you know ! I don't like some big company ripping of indie devs.

I wasn't too sure.

Loved this game <3


Thanks for the heads up!  Yeah, it's been stolen.  

Absolutely ! It just did not look right.

Happy to have point it out !

I really hope there's something that can be done.

If there's anything that can be done to take it down, let me know.

This was a better Alien game than any existing Alien games.

I finally got around to playing this, and was blown away, really! Story beats were understandably a bit compressed, but it was a very well-executed experience. I thought the visual style meshed well with the tone, and the sound design was effective, as well, working overtime to build tension. Really just outstanding.

Dude, this game was amazing! More terrifying and better paced than most horror games I've played in a while! I also loved the layout of the station, and the fact that looking out the window gives you rotational vertigo! Awesome! Even triple A games these days don't have the same sense of atmosphere!
Loved every bit of it! Please do more!

Okay I absolutely loved this game. :D <3

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Very good game!

Level design is clean and I loved the artstyle, the story is interesting too :)

Cheers from Brazil!

Awesome game! Whilst it may not be that scary, it had me on the edge of my seat, and it was super fun


BOO!  Thanks! :)


I liked it :) 

What a great video, thanks a lot man!  :)

Jedna od boljih igrica kojih sam igrao, grafički odlična, te i sama priča, nisam očekivao ovakvu dobru igricu, svaka čast i nadam se daljnim igrica točno poput ove!


Hvala! :)

Played this as part of the Racial Justice Bundle.  This game is absolutely outstanding; what Return of the Obra Dinn did with an Apple II visual style, STOWAWAY does with the Commodore 64, except also with 8 bit audio that I could easily imagine playing through a SID chip.  Maybe Project Firestart was an influence here?

Had my heart beating out of my chest at points.  Most characters only had a few lines, but I found myself somehow caring for them even though I barely knew them.

Will definitely look into further work by Dirigo Games.

Had never heard of Project Firestart until now, thanks for mentioning it, something I want to check out :)  Thanks!

I didn't comment anything a few months ago when I played this, but bravo!  This is easily one of the best games I've played in years.  I especially love the unique visual style and sparing usage of colour.


Thanks ! ! ! :)


I think it's too short to cost money but that's just my opinion

Fair enough.  Reduced the price from 1.00 to free.  Enjoy :)

Have five bucks bro, love your stuff.

Thanks!   It's gone into the production of KINGDOM of the DEAD.  :)

Just played through this and it was great! Great visuals and atmosphere, very fun and well paced

Thanks! :)

I had a great time playing this game on stream. My audience really enjoyed it too! Great atmosphere and great everything!

Awesome,  thanks! :)

It is quite rare when I feel 100% of my time was well spent on a game and this game achieves it. I like how there's no map but you can go around with minimal effort thanks to great map design and in game signs. Love the art style, love the atmosphere, its an easy 5 star for me. Well done I'm curious to see what else you will come up with!

Thanks! :)

I enjoyed the hell out of this game! Very spooky! The music and the art are great

Awesome.  Thanks! :)

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Just finished.Awesome game.Pure art.I loved the absense of weapons, the use of colors in a b/w enviroment and the great atmosphere.

Thanks! :)

Absolutely gorgeous, and SUCH a cool use of color. The music and creepy creepy sfx were perfect too - just an all around beautiful piece of art!

Thanks! :)

unbelievable art, a magical experience

Thanks! :)

Dope style, I'm glad you let players just enjoy the game without having to worry about being eaten and restarting afaik. Thanks! 

Awesome, thanks! :)

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I love the few minutes I was able to play, but not being able to reverse the cameras vertical axis is causing me problems. Is there a config file I can edit or something else I can do to fix this?

You can't invert the mouse in this version (1.2.4), however there will be an update in the future that will add that and other options

Thanks - I'll wait for the update, I guess. The look and feel of it is great, by the way. Looking forward to immersing myself deeper into the world.


Man that was scary. 

GOOOOORGEOUS black and white graphics! This is the kind of horror I like. I never fully see the creature and that's the problem.  Awesome and creepy to the bones.



Thanks!  :)

I think I'm dumb, what do I do at the beginning? I went to the landing bay, I found the meeting room, but there didn't seem to be a way to open the door to get in.

Or maybe  just happy?  :)  Here's a video play-through that should point you in the right direction:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M93_piBwbO4

... and also, when you press ESC, the current goal/destination is at the top of the screen


I can't believe I've missed them. It feels like I've went to every corner of the landing bay except those people. 


Short but sweet.  My girlfriend and I just played through this and were on the edge of our seats the whole time.  God dang that little robot man for spooking me so many times.  Keep making games like this!


Thanks! :)

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Great homage to the Alien movies (the good ones). I could almost hear  Paul Reiser's voice... lol. I loved the look and feel of the game. It's a walking simulator that actually succeeds in making you feel vulnerable.


Let's not make snap judgments please, this is clearly an important species we're dealing with and I don't think that you or I (or anybody) has the right to arbitrarily exterminate them.  Thanks! :)

Exactly! ha ha

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This was incredible! I loved the art style and thought it contributed well to the abstract horror vibe and the music and sound design was very bone chilling. Well done.

Thanks! :)


Wonderful experience! Played it on a stream with a few friends and had a great time.

Thanks! :)

This was great, really well done.

Thanks! :)

great style, great atmosphere, station feels like a lived-in workplace like the Nostromo from Alien

Alien? Never heard of it ;)  Thanks!

I absolutely loved the art style and atmosphere of this game!

Thanks! :)

not on steam?

Not on Steam. 


Well just know I'd be willing to pay for it twice, on Steam or any other platforms!

I like that.  Thanks! :)


This is ground control to major Tom youve really made the grade


Wham bam thank you ma'am


Loved the aesthetic and the sound design - really felt that you were a blue collared guy just going about his business until shenanigans hit. Nods to Alien, 50's sci-fi films in general and creepy atmosphere. Would have liked to have gotten to know more of the crew, especially with names. Great art direction, great SFX - an enjoyable 30 minute romp in space!

Awesome work.  Thanks!  :)


I'm already in love with the style and SFX a few minutes in. Fantastically creepy combo!

Thanks!  :)

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