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Could you send the Steam Link, please?

It's only available here  on itch  :)


The artstyle is so distinctive, please release it on Steam asap!


Best retro horror I've played in a long time! Well done and hope to see more from you :D

Super cool!   Thanks man!  :)


🎀 There's an Alien Onboard! | Stowaway Full Gameplay

Awesome, thanks!

The game definitely had a Alien-ish vibe going on. Loved the retro look and synth soundtrack. The atmosphere is something that I enjoyed as well. Look forward to new releases from you guys.   

Many thanks!  Just one guy :)  

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Thoroughly enjoyed it. A tense experience that features a lot, all crammed into a 30 minute experience. Very nice.

Great video.  It gave me joy to see you jump :)  Many thanks!

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That was an intense and enjoyable experience, me and my wife enjoyed together, running and screaming. 🚀👌


Ha, that's awesome, thanks!  Hope she comes back :)


Fantastic Game. Wowsy!

Many thanks! :)


Good job. Just posted this to r/spacehorror.

Just posted this comment to r/thanksman  :)

Very interesting atmosphere for a sci-fi horror game. Is there any chance that we could get a glimpse on the source code?


Yeah man, sure :)

private var moveDirection =; private var grounded = false; private var controller : CharacterController; private var myTransform : Transform; private var speed : float; private var hit : RaycastHit;


Dude I loved this game been wanting to play a good sci-fi horror game for a while now.

Many thanks dude! :)  

Can you build it for linux?

Yes but I can't test the build.   Maybe in the future :)

Can I test it for you? Or maybe its not as simple as that.
Got really curious about and really want to play  =)

Thanks for the enthusiasm, man!  


Great job on this!

Many thanks :)


The game was quite intense and thrilling. This is also pretty well designed. I give it 5 stars! 


I give this comment 5 stars.  Thanks :)

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