First quick patch. 

FIX first boss respawing on backtrack.
FIX death on 4th boss would leave player behind closed door



SYSCRUSHER_1.0.1.rar 132 MB
Dec 22, 2018


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some bugs fyi:

1. pressing esc in intro glitches you into fps view

2. standing in front of the first target makes you fall through ground (i used borderlessgaming to fullscreen so maybe that was the cause but probably not)

3. when I first entered the area where i fight the spider (after which I get the machine gun (#3)) it killed me very quickly. When I respawned, the spider didn't appear any more. I didn't have to fight anybody in that room. Maybe that was the joke and intended - I couldn't follow the text enough to figure that out if it was :)

Very cool action.

THANK YOU.  Patch coming tonight.  I'll get these in  :)

962x627 window on 1080p screen. alt+enter doesn't fullscreen. is that intended?


Hey man, yeah, low rez for the first few releases.  Full screen will be added.