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The system is corrupt.   A human touch is needed.

"SYSCRUSHER is the most fun I've had in an FPS all year" 


Sci-fi first person shooter with a synth soundtrack.   

Art, sound and code by Philip Willey via Dirigo games.


 Slow time with focus (SHIFT).  The amount of remaining focus is displayed bottom left.  

Aim your weapon for a steady shot (RIGHT MOUSE).  Bots with heads have a weakness...


WASD: to move

LEFT MOUSE:  shoot 


 SPACE:  jump 

1234 or MOUSE WHEEL:  select weapon

 CTRL:  crouch 

SHIFT:  focus (slow)

 Requirements:  Windows 7 SP1+, graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

You might also like the soundtrack over on Bandcamp:



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i would more call the game sistercrusher

second choice was motherlover

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We loved playing and talking about SYSCRUSCHER  last night on our live show #IndieGameClub!

You can watch it here!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/watch/live/?v=453317698965514
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E616LtIF2q4&feature=youtu.be&t=3277

Very cool!  Thanks! :)


this was a fantastic game and would love to see it expanded upon.

is there any chance of the coundtrack making it to spotify?

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Thanks! :)  No Spotify but Bandcamp:  https://dirigogames.bandcamp.com/album/syscrusher-soundtrack 

really enjoyed this one, good job

Thanks! :)


Loved it, wished it was longer though.


Always leave em wanting more :)  Thanks!

i have played this game a lot, i found a bug, if you complete the game and you restart it you'll have the 4 weapons and collectibles that give you 1 more heart won't spawn again

Yeah, added that in the 1.0.8 update so you could play the game again with all the weapons.  Not perfect, will probably change it soon :)  


Wow. This is a really good game. The aesthetic is super cool. I'm excited to see what else you add to the game. 

Thanks!  :)

nice game, are you going to update the game?

Yes,  thanks! :)


Hey! This game kicks ass - me and a friend set up a speedrun.com leaderboard for it (https://www.speedrun.com/syscrusher), and I recently got a 6:11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cskmtrnzXnE

Would love to see more!

also lol i just realized i did this on 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 lets you skip the intro

So we have two requests from a lot of speedrun testing, actually: a restart button and the ability to keep mouse sensitivity through death. Would that be possible?

Really really cool.  Consider it done in the next update.  Thanks! :) 

Really fun game! The music and general aesthetic is super cool, and the shooting was very fun for the whole game.

Thanks! :)

Awesome game! Gunplay was on point, love the slow motion feature and the headshot sound.

Just one thing: when i finish walking, the character seems to slide a bit...it feels of  considering this type of game, idk.But, this is the only "problem" i found, much better than i think it would be!

Thanks! :)

hey so while playing I ran into a glitch when I died and grabbed a health kit at the same time.  I have recorded it so you can see it.

Got it, thanks :)

Do you think in another update you could make it so people could change the resolution or graphics? I went to play the updated version of the game, but I can't because I can not change the resolution or graphics so my pc can run the game at a smooth frame rate.

Okay :)


There you go man, 1.0.8  :)  Back to original rez.  Didn't feel right.   There's also an option to turn off FX in the ESC menu now

thanks man just tried it now I can play


Man this was insane fun. Loved the retro vibes, the aesthetics,the music. I think it has a little Blade Runner influence (that is positive). The game is better than you think it is. Keep up the great work! Waiting for new levels or a sequel. 

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Thanks for the video!    Do androids dream of electric sheep?  Yes  :)

HOW DO YOU OPEN THIS? I just have the .rar file. Now what? I tried opening it with java but failed


Install instructions

  • Download the files
  • Unrar (use winrar or similar app)
  • Launch the exe file
  • Have fun

Thank you :)

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Ok, thank you :) Is this written anywhere? 

He's right, this is the correct method for .rars  :)  

Awesome fun - moment to moment gun play is fast and furious and the art direction is wonderfully 80's robots and lasers!

Thanks! :)


This game rules! Also got here via RPS. Well done! Absolutely loved this.

Thanks!  :)


Another RPS ref. Damn this game is so good! It seems like not only  a badass game about killing robots, but an incredible bite-sized depiction of corporate control and the value of chaos. I don't mean to read too deep into this, but there was something liberating about just melting through this game. Thanks so much!

If anyone from the FBI reads this, just a game about shooting robots, he's wrong.  Thanks!  :)

Another RPS referral here- WHAT is that song playing at the end?  It sounds like a classical tune but I'm terrible with names.  The bosses were pretty fun: A+ chopper battle.  I enjoyed the lead-up to it with repeated futile encounters ratcheting up tension before the showdown.

This: https://dirigogames.bandcamp.com/track/11-badinerie-bach-to-the-future  uses bits of this (Bach):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv40mcAM1ZA     :)


BACH: a natural fit for blasting robots with lasers.  Thank you!

Saw this on rockpapershotgun, downloaded 1.0.6 and it instantly crashes on my Windows 10 box.  It says to send the dump files to the developer, is there an email address?


This build is from 2018,  currently finishing up an update (1.0.7) that will update the engine as well.  Never had this issue, but hopefully that one will work better for you.  Few days :)

FWIW: same problem here. Wanted to play this after RPS's coverage.

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Friend recommended this to me, haven't played it yet but it looks great! Felt like I had to drop by and leave a comment since I saw you also did STOWAWAY, which I really enjoyed.

Surprised I missed this once since I've been following your page since the release of that game.


Thanks!  :)  

Pretty good! The bosses were weirdly too easy, but I had fun!

Thanks! :)


This was FANTASTIC - I'd totally buy a full game based on this demo :D

Thanks! :)


Amazing game, a lot of fun. the visuals are what pulled me in and when I beat the game all I felt after was a hunger for games with visuals as such. Maybe one day we'll see another SYSCRUSHER... a solid 8/10 in my books!

Thanks! :)


I just played through this game, it's amazing!

The visuals look great and have a very nice consistent artstyle.

I'd definitly love to see a longer game like this.

Thanks! :)

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Okay, so this was way better than I thought it would be. The music is what really did it for me. The music, especially later on in the game, had me pumped to take down a rogue AI. I like the artstyle a lot too, it isn't over complicated and uses colors in a good attempt at establishing specific vibes. I think it was the one liners (of which I only noticed at the end of the game) that wrapped up the whole package though. I'd love to get my hands on a more polished and extended version of this. 7/10

What a great review.  Thanks!  :)


Just being honest :D I'll be back to throw a few dollars your way soon


It's just a demo, save your money :) But thank you 

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I'll save my money for the full game! :D I love how you're still updating this demo even though you're working on a full one too.

Also, you could make the landing animation at the start feel a little more natural. As of right now it feels too perfect for a human to make those maneuvers, even simply having one of the hands press a button to indicate some kind of landing assistance would do  wonders for it.

I can see that, sure!  Great point.  In the first draft, you zoomed in with proper aerodynamics.  At some point, felt it was more important to slow down and see the map from above.  Since the Mustang (electric horse) is autonomous and propeller driven (like a giant drone) it can fly in at any angle/speed


really fun, would love to see more!


Thanks! :)


I really enjoyed this! Reminded me of the original Turok somewhat, which is one of my favorites, even if it's a little more straight forward! Great work!


Syscrusher holds no grudge against dinosaurs.  Thanks!  :)  


This was VERY fun!

Thanks!  :)

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so (for me at least) the file is a .rar file that I don't know how to run. How can I play this? I got it from the BLM bundle if that helps.

EDIT: I figured it out why does winRAR have to be so complicated

It's compressed to make for a faster download.  Unzip it with a program like Winrar, then run the .exe .   Good luck :)


I need more levels in this game, is sooooooo goood


There will be more in the future.  Thanks!  :)


been awhile since I've been on this page nice to see people still comenting on it

Keep 'em coming :)


This is really good and fun but unless i'm missing something this game cannot run in 1080p? Is there a possibility to add a 1080p resolution option in the future?



Please come back to Syscrusher, it was too fun. I've been hoping for some updates to polish the demo at least but nothing after almost a year.

Hey, thanks!  Working on another game I think you'll like more.  :) It's a hand-drawn/3d action adventure.  Posting WIP shots on Twitter (@Dirigo_games)


WHOA, just checked it out your twitter. It looks truly amazing! when is it scheduled to release???

Great to hear, thanks  :)  Looking to have a demo up in a month or so


Fun 20 minutes! Music is cool, maybe beef up the bosses a bit (then again I play a ton of FPS, some people might not agree).

Just an idea; I would love a time attack mode with a counter in the top corner. With an intro/outro sequence skip button, this is the perfect game to speedrun and grinding out an optimal route would be cool considering the game's mechanic of slowing down hurting your overall time. (With a quick reset button!)

I'm following you now and can't wait to see what you do in the future.

(Oh, and I found a bug where I hit slow-mo as it was empty/about to charge, and it kept me in slow-mo as it filled up indefinitely.)


Those are great suggestions man.  I agree with everything.  Thanks!  

Speed running the game is really fun but with no skip it does suck having to wait for everything after a restart =(. 

And holy crap, nice bug find, never caught that!


Nice game, I had fun!


Thanks man!


Very, very fun game. I had a blast playing it. I'm a huge fan of the music and visual style of the game as well. Well done!


Thanks much man!  :)


Right before you kill the heart it is possible to skip the giant end fight by simply jumping around the door. Just wanted to let you know. I hope there is more in the future.

System crushed!  ;)  Thanks for the bug, man 

Daaaaamn, nice find!


Way too dam hard. Add dificulty settings


Did you try holding 'shift'?  That's easy mode :)

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Great demo had a lot of fun playing through it seeing what I can find or break.!

Notes on V1.06  Date: 01.28.19

Game Settings:

  • Needs restart level option
  • Audio setting
  • More graphics settings


Some walls reflect my own screen back. 

Once you destroy an ADMIN and you get on your ship, if you pause and unpause the player stands still while your ship flies off then end screens are bugged out right after. 


Found some pretty big skips that allow me to complete the demo in about 7'28.4 hahaha.  They can be found right here

I'll keep updating as I find more things! 

Hey man!  Some super helpful stuff here.   The skip is hilarious, good eye :)  You have a future in pro playtesting.  Many thanks ! 

I didn't want to share the skip cause I had fun speed running and it was just too good to share lol. I can't wait to see more of the game and where you'll take it! I'll play and provided more feed back when I get the time to do so =). Is there a small team or just one??


Just me.  The 'all weapons' cheat is HELP  :)  There's also a hidden room no one has found

Hahahaha, good spot but found it! You definitely got to put another one in your next level!


Ha!  Good work man.  A picture of my dog ;)

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